Fireplace Sweeping/Repairs and Chimney Crowns/Masonry Repairs in Reston, VA

Fireplaces/Chimneys are standards in most home construction. They can be functional as well as architectural. As your home ages, (other than the roof of your home), the chimney masonry takes a beating each and every day. Chimneys are porous and they get beat-up through extended contact with heat from the sun, rain, sleet, or snow which causes a freeze and thaw process. Small cracks in the chimneys masonry become larger when rain, sleet, or snow, becomes frozen causing the cracks to expand. As the temperatures rise, the once smaller cracks become larger specifically during the thaw process. These cracks allow the elements into and through the masonry, which causes structural damage; this is a normal occurrence here in Virginia. When the masonry chimneys are left unrepaired, the bricks and mortar between them begin to fall apart which in turns causes mildew, mold, and an unsightly chimney. Not only do the bricks start to fall apart but also they begin to look bad, becoming structurally unsound and in most cases, impair the functionality of a potential heat source in your home.

We do not recommend these repairs for DIY homeowners; in most cases, the homeowner can do more harm than good in these types of repairs. Our expert team of chimney, masonry, and fireplace repair technicians will ensure proper evaluation and diagnosis of water problems including but not limited to the chimney, fireplace, and any other masonry on or around the home. This evaluation allows us to accurately diagnose the extent of any damage and enables us to pinpoint the source of water intrusion. Once identified, our experts at A Chimney Expert LLC will be able to quickly and smoothly make corrections and repairs to the masonry of the chimney and/or fireplace.

Our Services

Our major goal for your chimney, fireplace, and any masonry associated with both, is to ensure functional and safe usage in your home in Reston. A few of our masonry repair services include but are not limited to:

  • Fireplace Brick Repair
  • Refractory/Brick Firebox Walls
  • Chimney Brick and/or Concrete Repair
  • Chimney Crowns and Flashing Repair
  • Sidewalk and Stoop Concrete/Brick Repair

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Have you ever witnessed a chimney fire?

It can be both terrifying and life-threatening. That’s why safety and fire codes are enforced. A Chimney Expert LLC is trained and equipped to provide you, your family and your home with the best protection available. And, we do it at a reasonable price.