Our services

At A Chimney Expert, LLC, our certified inspectors are concerned with your home’s safety and your family’s health. We provide you with a thorough and detailed inspection which details recommended repairs and informs you on the use of your installed equipment. We care for your home as if it were our own.

Professional Chimney Sweeping

Our Chimney sweeps are professionally trained technicians. We are here to help keep your home and family from harm’s way.

Annual Chimney Maintenance
This involves routine sweeping & Maintenance scheduled in advance, annually or semi-annually.
Chimney Sweeping

This involves removing dangerous, flammable creosote from inside the chimney. It also gives us the ability to inspect the flue liner for damage and deterioration.

We will provide advice and information about your installation and safer burning practice.

Certified Chimney Repairs

Damage to any part of your Chimney system can cause major damage to your home and endanger your family. Call Today for a Free Estimate.

Crown Repair
This will prevent water penetration through the top of your chimney and can save major repairs in the future.
Chimney Caps
This will prevent access by rain or snow, animals, leaves or other debris in your chimney. These stainless steel and copper caps also come with a lifetime warranty.
Masonry Repairs
We will return a deteriorating and damaged chimney to full code-complying condition quickly and economically.

Fireplace Cleaning & Repairs

Fireplaces are a source of warmth and family togetherness. Our professionally trained technicians are available for all of your Fireplace needs.

Smoking And Draft Problems
We can provide effective solutions for smoke problems inside your home.
Closed Circuit Video Inspection
Using the latest technology, we have the ability to videotape areas normally hidden from view deep inside a chimney to look for problems that may be difficult to locate.
Woodstove Installation
We follow local and RIC codes and standard. We also arrange for permit and final inspections.

Other Certified Services

We are proud to offer a full line of services including; Wood stove & Insert Installation, Dryer Vent Cleaning, and more!

Waterproofing your masonry chimney is important; it will protect it from rain and water damage.
Chimney Repair & Rebuilding
When the brick of a chimney starts to fall apart or becomes damaged as a result of rain-snow-sleet, it becomes imperative to repair or rebuild the chimney.
Dryer Vent & HVAC Duct And Vent Cleaning
Annual dryer vent cleaning will prevent fires. Your indoor air quality could be a problem. We inspect your duct work to show you what you are breathing.

Have you ever witnessed a chimney fire?

It can be both terrifying and life-threatening. That’s why safety and fire codes are enforced. A Chimney Expert LLC is trained and equipped to provide you, your family and your home with the best protection available. And, we do it at a reasonable price.