Professional Chimney Cleaning For Leesburg, VA

Our professional chimney sweep technicians perform safe and efficient fireplace flue cleaning services to get rid of soot and flammable creosote. A Chimney Expert LLC’s main objective is keeping you, your family, and your home in Leesburg, VA, safe. Once we complete our chimney cleaning services, we’ll do a second safety inspection to identify damages and deterioration inside the chimney flue. We may suggest updates to certain components in addition to fireplace flue cleaning services. Don’t let another day go by without taking care of your home’s chimney cleaning.

Why Fireplace Flue Cleaning Is Important

Most people don’t think about their chimney until a problem arises. The professionals at A Chimney Expert LLC can meet all of your chimney cleaning services, such as removing the build-up of wood ash and flammable creosote. Creosote is the residue left over from burning wood, which can be harmful to you and your family if neglected for too long. Not only can the build-up of creosote be a fire hazard, but it also causes health issues. That’s why it’s so critical to have a professional chimney sweep performed regularly on your fireplace. These are some of the issues our chimney cleaning services can take care of:

  • Water inside the fireplace, wall, or ceiling
  • Strong offensive odors from built-up soot
  • Birds, squirrels or other animals nesting
  • Toxic chemical build up over time

If you don’t get fireplace flue cleaning services, exposure to creosote can cause many side effects including:

  • Red, itchy eyes
  • Irritated throat
  • Burning, swollen, or irritated skin
  • Constant coughing or sneezing

Don’t let soot and creosote build-up in your chimney when you can have a professional chimney-cleaning expert take care of removing it. Get professional chimney sweep services after the burning season ends, so you can have a freshly cleaned fireplace every year. Our fireplace flue cleaning crew at A Chimney Expert LLC provides services to the entire Leesburg, VA area.

Contact Us For Chimney Sweep Services

A Chimney Expert LLC is a full-service chimney cleaning services company that does quality safety inspections as well. From sweeps and relines to dampers and caps, we can take care of it all. You can trust our experts to perform comprehensive fireplace flue cleaning work across Leesburg, VA. Call us today at 703-999-4505 for professional chimney sweep services.