Chimney Relining for Fairfax, VA

Chimney relining is an important component to a functioning fireplace. In fact, by dictate of building codes, all chimneys need to be lined. One of the most effective ways to reline your chimney is with a stainless-steel chimney liner. If your home in Fairfax, VA, needs chimney relining services, then look to A Chimney Expert LLC. We specialize in installing stainless steel chimney liners in the Fairfax area, making sure that your fireplace or any of your other wood-burning apparatuses are safe to use.

Why Should You Get a Chimney Flue Liner?

Chimney liners are essential, and they serve a few useful purposes. To ensure the safety of your home in Fairfax, VA, a chimney liner:

  • Prevents the heat from transferring to areas of your home that are combustible, such as the woodwork of your property. Even a small crack in the liner can greatly increase the risk of a house fire.
  • Prevents the acidic gases from destroying the mortar of your chimney. These acidic gases can erode your chimney’s mortar joints. When this happens you’re at risk of a house fire, but also, harmful gases such as carbon monoxide could leak into your home.
  • Prevents excessive buildup of creosote and carbon monoxide.

Stainless Steel Chimney Liners

A Chimney Expert LLC specializes and only installs stainless steel chimney liners because they’re the most effective and are recommended by fire-protection experts. They’re also versatile and can be used for wood burning, gas, and oil. All of our stainless-steel chimney liners come with a lifetime warranty. They are the best liners and are more affordable than a pour-in, clay liner.

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Have you ever witnessed a chimney fire?

It can be both terrifying and life-threatening. That’s why safety and fire codes are enforced. A Chimney Expert LLC is trained and equipped to provide you, your family and your home with the best protection available. And, we do it at a reasonable price.