Chimney Relining Services for Leesburg, VA

A critical part of your chimney is a liner. If you’re liner isn’t functional anymore, then it’s important to get your chimney relined from a professional. Not only is chimney relining done to make your home safe, but also building codes dictate that all chimneys need to be lined. If you need chimney relining services for your home in Leesburg, VA, then contact A Chimney Expert LLC today. We specialize in relining your chimney with stainless steel liners and making sure your fireplace and chimney are working in the way they should be.

The Function of a Chimney Flue Liner

Why is it integral to reline your chimney flue? There are a few hazards that derive from fireplaces, and a stainless-steel chimney liner serves as a precaution to these dangers. These hazards include:

  • The heat generated from your fireplace could transfer to areas of the home that are flammable. For example, the wooden structure of your home could catch fire from the heat. A chimney liner greatly reduces this risk.
  • When you burn combustible items, acidic gases are created. These gases have the ability to erode your chimney’s mortar joints. This could lead to a house fire since the chimney wouldn’t contain the heat, and dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide could easily leak into the house.
  • Creosote is a byproduct often found in the chimneys and fireplaces, and a stainless-steel liner helps prevent excessive buildup of creosote.

Durable Stainless-Steel Chimney Liners

The great thing about stainless-steel chimney liners is their versatility. They can be used for gas, oil, and wood burning. Fire-protection experts also recommend stainless steel liners. Here at A Chimney Expert LLC, we specialize and only install stainless steel chimney liners in Leesburg, VA. They’re more affordable than a pour-in, clay liner, they’re very effective and they come with a lifetime warranty.

Call A Chimney Expert Today for Relining in Leesburg, VA

If you’re chimney in Leesburg, VA needs to be relined, then call A Chimney Expert LLC today at 703-999-4505. We’ll make sure your chimney is functional before the cold season begins.

Have you ever witnessed a chimney fire?

It can be both terrifying and life-threatening. That’s why safety and fire codes are enforced. A Chimney Expert LLC is trained and equipped to provide you, your family and your home with the best protection available. And, we do it at a reasonable price.